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Welcome to Intellect Intelligence


Created with intelligence at the forefront of our business, Intellect has brought together a unique and passionate group of experts with extensive history in law enforcement, military, commercial and cyber intelligence roles.


We provide a new way of thinking, to deliver in areas others simply cannot. We understand that each client is truly unique, at Intellect we achieve because we listen and deliver a bespoke service built on intelligence, integrity and innovation.



Cyber Crime Intelligence Specialists


Intellect Intelligence Services provide a range of products and services that dramatically enhance your cyber awareness at many levels. All of our professional services are provided by experienced Cyber Crime Security Specialists with backgrounds in law enforcement, criminal investigation, corporate investigation, forensic analysis to social engineering and surveillance.


The growth of social media and use of the Internet has increased dramatically over the past decade, our interaction with computers and mobile devices and the information stored on these devices has provided cyber criminals and those who wish to misuse this information with a vast resource to attack individuals and organisations, to harm them and invade their privacy or steal their identity. Social media and internet users are at high risk, our cyber intelligence services and awareness training are designed to provide individuals or large organisations with the intelligence and awareness to improve their ability to secure their most valuable assets. 


How can our services protect you, your families and your business?


We provide a holistic approach to cyber security combining both digital security proficiency with business insight to provide complete information security overview.


All our specialists are UK Security Cleared and typically hold CISSP, CEH, OSCP, CITP, SCJP, MBCS accreditations and are members of the Institute of Security Professionals.









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