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Due Diligence and Background Checks


Trained to a law enforcement standard our analysts can develop an intelligence package providing instrumental information to industries and individuals to allow a thorough evaluation of facts in the decision making process.


We are specialists in providing due diligence information reports and investigations and carrying out background checks currently supplying financial services firms, government & public bodies, healthcare organisations and charities.


When would I carry out a background check or due diligence investigation:

  • When hiring key employees or as part of the general hiring process for all employees

  • Taking on a new client or customer

  • For large financial investments

  • Building a partnership with a new supplier or business

  • Pre-merger or acquisition


Carrying out general background checks or due diligence investigations provides you with the documented facts and information you need to make fundamental decisions. Whether you’re a large or small firm it is important you know who people are before you invest, employ or go into business with them.


We also provide detailed investigative services and assessment services as well as expert investigative work for human resource and legal departments of corporations.


Can you afford the negative impact to your organisation?

What is the damage?

  • Organisational reputation and brand integrity

  • Damage to consumer confidence

  • Negative supplier relationships

  • Possible Legal Action

  • Fines and Potential Jail Terms for Directors

  • Employee morale


What do we check?

  • Subject profile

  • Company profile

  • Ownership history

  • Identification of subsidiaries & connected parties

  • Global & national criminal records check

  • International business verification

  • International social media research

  • Global Financial regulatory authorities check

  • Money laundering risk database

  • Database checks with law enforcement agencies

  • Company background assessement

  • Industry reputational assessment

  • UK Anti-Bribery & corruption risks databases

  • Global terrorism check

  • Financial reports

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