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Awareness and Training


Are You Effectively Training Employees in The Battle Against Ransomware?


Providing employees with the awareness and training to safeguard against common cyber threats can be hugely beneficial to your organisation’s information security. Cyber awareness training teaches employees to understand vulnerabilities and threats, empowering them and the organisation to better protect and prevent against common cybercrime and information security risks, including social engineering, online fraud, phishing, whaling and web-browsing risks.


By simply clicking on infected attachment or URL in e-mail, employees can infect an organisation and the results of an attack can be devastating.


Basic cyber awareness can help train your employees to avoid emailed or online links that are suspicious or from unknown sources. Such links can release malicious software or a variant of ransomware infecting and encrypting organisational data.


Many ransomware attacks could be avoided through professional employee education and training. However, most training in this area amounts to little more than a newsletter or leaflet provided to employees or a information security presentation.


Intellect's cyber security specialists have trained organisations (private/public) and government personnel all over the world.

Delivery Method  (Online or Classroom)


  • Cyber Security Executive Briefing

  • Basic Cyber Awareness

  • Advanced Cyber Awareness

  • Celebrity/VIP Awareness

  • Cyber Forensics First Responder


Along with our successful training courses we also provide organisations and governments alike with unique methods of building awareness in the workplace.


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Basic Cyber Awareness Course

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