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Risk & Threat Intelligence

Known as Red Teaming our Cybercrime security specialists use a range of tools and tactics to simulate a real-world attack.


Our Risk & Threat Intelligence Assessments report will detail vulnerabilities identified following a number of threat assessements, using physical site exploitation techniques, social engineering, surveillance, technical penetration, phishing, whaling and other methods of assessement to assess your ability to safeguard your most critical assets, this assessement will better prepare you or organisation to identify a threat actor, campaign, or cyber-attack.

Our Risk and Threat Intelligence Services are tailored to you or your business so please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.


Why have a Risk & Threat Intelligence Assessment?

  • Get experience dealing with a real-world cyber attack

  • Assess the level of effort required to infiltrate premises and obtain sensitive data

  • Highlights areas of vulnerability before an attacker exploits them

  • Get fact-based risk analyses and recommendations for improvement


Until recently, security groups within an organization would rely on the on-premise security solutions to harden their defences against cyber threats. With breaches against healthcare corporations, financial, government, it is clear that internally-focused defences alone are not sufficient. The ability of these defences needs to be expanded and enhanced to detect and act on a threats that can potentially target your business and infrastructure. Our Risk and Threat Intelligence Services provide the customer with an assessment that identifies areas of weakness and/or areas of investment to further secure you or your business.


Our specialists have relevant backgrounds and the knowledge to carry out full threat intelligence analysis of your organisation.

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