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Forensic Analysis & Data Recovery

With most homes and businesses reliant on their desktop or laptop computers, servers, NAS devices, external drives, USB memory sticks or any storage media,  there is high possibility that valuable data can be lost, deleted, stolen or used for criminal activities, fraud or misuse.


Our team offer comprehensive forensic data analysis and data recovery services

Social Engineering

While we acknowledge the importance of network protection we cannot forget to evaluate the weakest aspect, the human. With a world leader in the art of social engineering we assess, audit and infiltrate the physical vulnerabilities within your business alongside your network security.

All of our professional services are provided by experienced Cyber Crime Security Specialists.

Penetration Testing

Security breaches of services or applications, can result in direct financial losses, threaten an organisations reputation, damage brand integrity, and trigger significant fines and penalties.

Penetration testing is a means of assessing the integrity of your network, application, endpoint and user controls from attempts to exploit security controls to gain unauthorized access to systems/assets.

Threat Analysis and Ransomware

The scale and intensity of healthcare related cybercrime is a growing threat, patient identifiable is tremendously valuable to cyber criminals. The medical industry among other industries continues to be targed by ransomware and other cyber related crime

Our specialists can provide a full threat analysis of your organisation and advise on preventative measures against ransomware and other cyber related crime.

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