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Forensic Analysis & Data recovery

With over 82.7 million mobile phone phone subscriptions in the UK and due to phones being easily concealed and disposed of, there is a strong possibility that many fraudulent or criminal activities involve the misuse of mobile phones or other portable digital devices. Law enforcement, courts, human resource departments and fraud investigators are showing an increasing reliance on forensic evidence obtained from portable digital devices.


These may include:


  • Smart phones, including iPhones, Android or Windows Phone

  • Sat-Navs

  • PDA devices

  • Portable media players, including Apple iPod

  • Tablet computers, such as Apple iPad

  • Removable storage media, such as memory cards or pen drives

  • SIM Cards

  • NAS devices

  • Laptops

  • Desktops

  • Server Hard disks


With most homes and businesses having desktop or laptop computers, there is high possibility that many are used for criminal activities, fraud or misuse. We offer comprehensive forensic data recovery and analysis service. No matter whether it’s an internal or external hard disk, we can recover your data for you. All data extractions and analyses are undertaken by qualified specialists.

After recovering data a full examination is carried out, enabling our examiners to report on a comprehensive number of artefacts, including:

  • Internet activity
  • Email & webmail
  • Facebook activity
  • Documents
  • USB activity
  • Deleted files
  • User profiles
  • Images
  • Media files

We offer different types of report depending on clients’ requirements. We provide hard disk analysis for solicitors, law enforcement, human resource issues, fraud investigations, intellectual property theft, data compromise or loss and other incidents.

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